I'm a law student, comic book reader, inhabitant of the District of Columbia, Californian by birth, multiethnic in background, game theory enthusiast, videogame player, and avid viewer of British television. I also use the Oxford comma, no matter what The Economist says.

I currently also run the Fuck Yeah Bill Bailey and Fuck Yeah Richard Posner blogs.

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"Wha-….. hey D: I didn’t get to do my finishing move!”

Run away little heartless!  Possibly a little counter productive for Kairi though…

GIFs and a few screencaps.  Based on a fanart I did a few weeks back (that’s based on this bit of official business).  There were a lot of details to follow in this costume, oy…

I put an uncut GIF on DA and, again, video on YouTube

A lapse in sanity may have led me to animate this…

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A truly brilliant piece of visual storytelling. Revealing character? Check. Conflict? Check. Complication? Check.

Sitting over coffee dishing backstory is not required when you build a scene this way.

Everything you need to know, you can see.