for those of you who wanted to see those first 7 seconds of that thing i was gonna animate before book 4

maybe i’ll finish it someday idk


Especially the rant at the end


Xiaolongbao 小籠 Shanghainese steamed mini-buns, filled with meat morsels and soup inside. Some with crab butter! Love them. 

Also endearing known as “Bruce Lee’s buns,” due to the fact that his Chinese given name is Xiaolong 小籠, which means “Little Dragon.”

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Poster art by Berni Wrightson and Francesco Francavilla
Siren Island™ © 2014 Francesco Francavilla


I am beyond thrilled and honored to announce this collaboration print with one of the comic industry and horror legends - and dear friend of mine: the one and only BERNI WRIGHTSON!

I fell in love with this SIREN  pencil drawing (like I fall in love with everything Berni draws, really) the first time I saw it so when thinking of a special print to debut at Mondo Con, I thought to ask Berni if he was up for a collab piece and, to my joy and I hope yours too, he said YES!
I inked the pencils, added some skulls in for good measure ;), colored it, and at that point I noticed it looked like a movie poster: so I came up with a title and tagline and voila’, you get this limited print ready for the show!

The print run is limited to 100, numbered, 13x19” giclee prints, $50 each, bagged and boarded.
If you are at Mondo Con, you can get the print signed by both Berni and me. Any prints left over will be sold online on my store. I will try to get Berni to sign them all before I leave Austin, even if I can’t promise it (depending on Berni’s availability).

Hope you guys dig it! See you in Austin this weekend.